There are only two animal holding facilities in Murray County at present.


The City of Davis Dog Pound, consisting of 6 inside/outside runs and the City of Sulphur Dog Pound, consisting of 10 indoor only runs held within a shed. There are currently no holding facilities for cats so they roam freely (in high quantity) through out the county.  No vaccines or medical care are provided at present due to lack of funding. Animals are currently not able to be spayed or  neutered prior to release for this same reason, only adding to the problem.


Many citizens in Murray County are actively working towards the building of a new animal shelter... The Murray County Animal Shelter, which will service the County and provide adequate housing for both dogs and cats, medical care, spaying and neutering, as well as be more publicly accessable which will in turn produce higher, more successful rates of adoption.


City Gate... no signs allowed here or on street per City Manager 

A full house...... 

Our Holding Facilities in Sulphur

City of Sulphur, Oklahoma

City of Sulphur, Oklahoma

 City of Sulphur, Oklahoma

 City of Sulphur, Oklahoma

 City of Davis, Oklahoma

 Bathing and cleaning area

opening into office and storage area, SINK 

 Air condition unit in storage area                              

Office opens into indoor kennel area (6 kennels) 

Air condition and Heat provided to dogs, another water source. 

 Sulphur's "New" Cat Holding Facility to attempt to help with the massive over population we have in Sulphur (The numbers keep growing)

Please help support Murray County's efforts to build a new MUCH NEEDED animal shelter.... Contact Us with suggestions, volunteer or donations. Thank you

Not currently in use as of July 2012, the City of Sulphur does not respond to cat calls unless dead in road.

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