We had a much smaller showing than anticipated at our 300 event on August 3rd but we know the heat and time of day was a little difficult for some to make it....  of the 25 people in attendance they were worth way more than 300 of your ordinary individuals so we count it as a success :)  And look forward to seeing them back in October at our next event with many more people (and pets).....   Thank you so much everyone :)  And we would also like to thank Stillwater Milling Company of Davis, OK - Walmart of Sulphur, OK - Petco of Ardmore, OK and DOAV of Davis, OK for the wonderful prize donations and water for our attendees :)  Thank you again......



Photo by M. LaPointe Photography

 Update.... all 5 of these guys were adopted and saved!!!!!!!   Awesome!

Friday- May 18, 2012 on OK Live!

Our volunteers, Brittany Graves and Haley Horton, were on OK Live! with just a handful of our gang desperately awaiting adoption..... from left to right they are:  Franklin, Brody, Cherry Star, Adonis (or Donny) and Chelsea.

Please call 580-618-3204 to adopt one of these fabulous creatures (sorry- Brittany and Haley already have homes) but everyone else is in need of a forever home.....

Brody, Cherry, Adonis and Chelsea are all spayed/neutered and up to date on vaccines :)

Their adoption fee is JUST $40 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They are ALL wonderful with other dogs and children (Chelsea has some food aggression  but she is working on this and just needs a special human to help her through)

COMING SOON...... Sulphur's Outdoor Kennel Area!!!!!!  Thank you SO much to all of our donors!!!!!  A special thanks to Shawn Kelly and Marianne Jackson for making the project possible ..... We know the thought of our dogs being cooped up 24/7 was just not acceptable to you :)


Unfortunately the City of Sulphur chose to return all donations instead of building the kennels... their first argument was gas lines (even though the City Manager and a City Worker both approved the plans before donations were raised)  their next argument after they allowed us to proceed but only with half the original area.... was that it was pointless if we were working to get a new shelter. 

We had all supplies covered including cement and the volunteers and equipment lined up to have it built the first week of June.....

I'm so sorry everyone..... but we are still working to make a better place for these animals.... stay tuned. 


    Listen at:

The Outdoor Kennel Project has received $510.00 from Captain Comfy !!!

This Ambient/Spiritual Post Rock/Jam Rock Band from Norman has donated the proceeds from their February 3rd show at the Deli to our Sulphur Dogs! They want to make sure they can be as COMFY as possible here at the shelter while they await (hopefully) their forever homes.... and a much needed New Animal Shelter for Murray County.

Captain Comfy is a progressive musical collective driven by rhythmic energy with a goal to find spirituality through music. The music induces harmony and melody into the spirit and forces one to take a look within their soul. Captain Comfy invites you to come as you are and leave your worries at the door. This music is about being in the now and sharing a musical journey with other like minded positive individuals.

Their influences are: Sunsets/sunrises, cool breezes, pretty girls in flower dresses, mother nature, Jim James's angel voice, realness, good people, ear to ear smiles, technicolor stars, solar flares, barefeet dancing and positive energy

What's not to love!

You can find out more by visiting  and 

The Sulphur Animal Shelter is working on collecting materials to build an outdoor area for our dogs to be able to enjoy some "free" time, play with eachother when appropriate, socialize with potential adopters and just burn off some of that "caged energy" while encouraging outside potty use :) 

Currently our dogs stay in their cages 24/7 .. this is unacceptable.  Our goal is to collect enough materials over the winter to build the enclosure first part of Spring. 

Please call 580-622-6266 or send an email to if you would like to donate any materials, funds or services for this project.  We greatly appreciate any help- and so do our dogs :)  Thank you.



Concrete to prevent dig outs

Panels for shaded areas

Towels and Linens !!!!!!!

Dog Treats and Toys

Dog Igloos

Cat Boxes


Future site of kennel area......  and our kennel plans (5) 31 foot by 36 foot areas with shade.  (Each area is larger by itself than the entire shelter structure)..... 






City of Sulphur Animal Control Officer, Scott Prall, along with Daniel, Andrew and Nelson of Gordon White Lumber Company recently helped load two rolls of donated fencing for the City of Sulphur Animal Shelter .  The shelter is needing materials for an outside kennel area to provide the dogs with outdoor play time, socialization with possible adopters, and a more suitable environment to give the dogs the best opportunity to be adopted out.  If you are interested in donating or helping with donations please contact Amanda at 580-622-6266.  The City of Sulphur Animal Shelter wishes to thank John and everyone at Gordon White for their generosity and to Andrea for making this possible. We are very grateful and thankful for this wonderful donation.


UPDATE: As of July 2012 the Shelter is refusing to use the beds donated.......... 

 The Sulphur Animal Shelter is in need of beds for their cats to help keep them comfortable - especially with the cold winter ahead. 

Please consider making a kuranda bed donation... Just click on the link at left. Our animals would be VERY grateful to be off the cold, sometimes wet, cement.....  Thank you. 

The Davis Animal Shelter is also in need of Beds for their dogs, please contact the City at 580-369-3333 to find out how you can donate.

A Special Thanks to Posie and Rocky of Ohio!!!!!!!!  


Thank you for making sure every dog at our shelter has their own kuranda bed!!!!!!! 


And thank you for your wonderful donation of leashes, collars, harnesses and bandannas!!!!!! 


Our doggies are VERY appreciative!!!!!!! 


Please call the Davis and Sulphur Pounds if interested in any of our dogs available for adoption. 

Please visit our CONTACT US page to request the posting of an animal that is in need of a home in Murray County.

Be a voice for the animals of Murray County - Contact us to find out how and join us in helping these animals live the life they deserve.




Please TAG your pets- It's their ticket home

About Us

Murray County Mutts is an adoption site for the City of Sulphur and City of Davis Dog Pounds where facilities and care is limited to these wonderful and deserving animals. Murray County Mutts is also an adoption site for any stray or unwanted animal in Murray County... finding these guys homes will prevent their being taken to our current City facilities where space is limited and euthanasia is sadly how many of our animals end up leaving...



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